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Omelet advertising over the years has successfully conceptualized, implemented and archived quantifiable targets with respect to corporate, non-corporate activations ideas and outdoor marketing promotions. The firm today has experience to work more then 100 brands directly or indirectly. With each successful project undertaken the firm has managed to strengthen confidence and motivation within the core team and build meaningful relationships with its extended team i.e.: business partners, suppliers and vendors. A well integrated network of alliances has been the key to the firm’s ability to execute marketing plans in an industry which is only now being realized

Ad Spaces

Wapda Town

  Wapda Town Roundabout, Lahore

UBL Chowk Model Town

  UBL Chowk Model Town, Lahore

Model town park

  UBL Chowk Model Town, Lahore

Modeltown going towards Linkroad

  Modeltown going towards Linkroad, Lahore
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